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If You Want To Learn Plein Air Painting, You Care About One Thing: CAN I DO THIS?.


Restoring Function. Decreasing Pain. 


Stretching. Balance.


Strong. Fit. Healthy.

A Proven 4 Step Painting Process.

I understand what it’s like to want to make beautiful plein air landscape paintings but instead, feel overwhelmed and unsure how to do it.

Plein air painting is unlike any other creative process. You are fighting against time and the outdoor elements.

I have a step by step method and a proven system that will simplify the plein air process and help you become a better plein air painter.

It’s the same process handed down by legendary Impressionist Sergei Bongart to my teacher, Don Sahli.

This method of Russian Impressionism teaches you how to simplify the  complex landscape, and “see it” in a way that will enable you to confidently paint bold colorful brushstrokes and complete a beautiful painting in a short periood of time before the light changes.

You are in the right place and we are here to help.





Pursue Your Passion To Paint



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Our Mission Is Helping You Become A Better Plein Air Painter.


I started Learning Plein Air © so that beginner plein air students could learn the best techniques online and affordably instead of traveling to expensive workshops.

My vision is for students to learn at their own pace , in their own surroundings but still be part of a friendly helpful online community for ongoing support and learning. 

Join our community with your email below and pursue a hobby that will bring you immense joy and peace.

I want to share with you step by step exactly how I did it. You can have access to a learning system that will help you become proficient at the most amazing creative activity on the planet!

It works. I’ve experienced it.

I can show you how to get there.

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Here’s Why We Can Help You:

Living In The Rocky Mountains

Our family lives, works, plays and paints right in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Founder:         Terry Ouimet. Monet Of The Mountains. Specializing entirely  in plein air landscape oil painting.

Education:      Art Students League of Denver. Apprenticeship with Plein Air Impressionist Don Sahli.

Experience:     Sold paintings consistently in 5 Colorado galleries, won awards in shows, completed private commisssion paintings for many clients.

Mission: Teach you the Russian Impressionism Plein Air technique so that you can make beautiful plein air paintings.

You are in the right place. We want to support your effort to learn one of the most joyous and exhilerating hobbies out there.

And if you your dream is to one day sell your paintings, we can help.





Obsessed With Plein Air

Terry is strictly a plein air landscape painter. Many teachers use plein air painting as a complimenartary tool to help improve their paintings.

Terry’s studio is on an icy river, aspen forest in the fall, or in four feet of snow on a mountain top. 

My plein air landscape painting technique takes you through 4 steps that with practice, can help you go from blank canvas to beautiful painting.

Learning Plein Air. Do what you love.


Do What You Love.


Relaxing. Peaceful. Challenging. Enjoying fresh air and God’s beauty.

We want to empower you to pursue your passion of plein air painting.

Learning Plein Air. Let the fun begin.

Are We A Good Fit?

This painting system is for the person serious about wanting to put in the time and effort needed to learn a proven plein air painting method.

If you are finally ready and determined to pursue your passion to paint outdoors and dream of making beautiful paintings, then we may be a good fit for you.





Let’s Do This Together.

4 Steps To Beautiful Plein Air Paintings.


“Our promise is that we will inspire and educate you to make beautiful plein air paintings.”

Terry Ouimet

Owner, Learning Plein Air©

Brilliant teaching, very helpful and very inspirational!

Barb C.

Student of LPA


Do What You Love





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