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Pro Hockey To Art

After attending Miami University in Ohio on a Division One ice hockey scholarship, Terry fulfilled a childhood dream of playing professional ice hockey in Herisau Switzerland.

As a young guy, between hockey games Terry would run up to his grandfather’s art studio to see what he was working on. He always had a love of drawing and throughout his adult life, art has always come back to find him. 

Over a period of years, Terry has gone from zero plein air painting to full time plein air landscape painter winning awards and selling his paintings at the easel, in galleries, top shows, and private commissions.

Which is exactly why we are here.

Our desire is to help you unlock your ability to plein air paint and pursue your passion to do what you love. 

Currently Terry resides in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

Art Students League Of Denver

When Terry enrolled at the prominent Art Students League of Denver, oil painting became his passion. He was taught by all the top professional Denver artists like Quang Ho, Ron Hicks, Kevin Wechbach, Doug Dawson and others.

Subsequently he was chosen to do a formal apprenticeship with accomplished plein air oil painter Don Sahli, who did an apprenticeship with Sergei Bongart, a legendary Russian Impressionist. 

“The best way to learn plein air painting is follow somebody’s work that you love, then learn their techniques, then find your own painting style.” –Terry Ouimet.

Apprenticeship In Russian Impressionism

You are in the right place if you need help with plein air oil painting.

My fastest learning curve occurred when I studied plein air painting from a real pro trained in Russion Impressionism-Don Sahli. 

This style of painting teaches you to “see” the landscape and put it on your canvas quickly with bold, thick beautiful large brush strokes. 

We can help you transform your desire to plein air paint from blank canvas to beautiful artwork.

It can happen.

Learning Plein Air- Do what you love.

Outdoor Gear For Back Pain

What’s Your Story?

We live and work near Montrose Colorado, twenty minutes from 14,000 foot majestic mountains and our family spends all our free time here enjoying activities in all seasons.

If you share our passion for the great outdoors or pursuing your favorite hobby and want to learn plein air painting, we would love to serve you.

Let’s start this together!

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Our promise is that we will inspire and educate you to make beautiful plein air paintings.

Terry Ouimet artist

Terry Ouimet

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“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents. This is an excellent plein air learning system.”

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Bob Ross

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Well done!  I am an art major but I am learning more from these plein air videos than in college! Thanks so much for simplifying & discussing your color choices. Paint on!

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I had to subscribe. I love your content! Can’t wait to take a look at your other work. I need to get outside to paint! I love my studio, but wow, this is awesome!.”

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