Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Cane

✔️More self massage knobs, versatile                   Can break

✔️Fair price, good value                                         Grip could be better

✔️Pointed and rounded massage knobs



Design & Quality                                8/10

Value                                                  9/10

Muscle Relief Effectiveness               7/10

Product Guarantee                            8/10

If you suffer from chronic DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease)  then you likely experience frequent tight muscles that sometimes even knot up and spasm. 

It can be a constant daily and weekly battle to find low back pain relief and comfort.

Inexpensive, easy-to-use self back care tools are an integral part of my preventative treatment approach to managing my back pain. 

I’m going to give you all the inside information and provide an in-depth review of this back care product that I have used now for over 5 years. 

Afterward, you can decide if it can help you in your pain relief regimen or not. 


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Body BackBuddy Trigger Point Massage Tool                     

26.5” x16”/  Made in USA

body back buddy trigger point massage cane




People with muscular knots, pain, or spasms who want some form of self back care between physical therapy or doctor visits or are unable to go to the doctor at all. 

body back buddy trigger point massage cane

Is this a product you should buy if you have chronic low back pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)? Let’s find out. 




Relief from stiff and sore muscles in the low back, neck, and shoulders. 

You can decrease or eliminate muscle pain yourself by applying pressure to  “Trigger Points” in your muscles -”Myofascial trigger points” are painful, tense areas that are found in muscles and fascia – the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support your muscles. Caused by structural imbalances, injury, or overuse, which leads to decreased blow flow and oxygen to the muscle. And that’s what causes muscle knots or spams. 




From the Manufacturer :

  • Designed to be the only massage tool you need to achieve fast, simple relief for your whole body.
  • Made in the USA. The original 2 hook design from 1995 reaches every trigger point from head to toe.
  • 11 knobs in 3 shapes soothe painful muscle knots in your back, neck, & shoulders, and speed recovery.
  • Strength You Can See – New Long Fiber infused material creates marbled appearance
  • Up to 30% stronger than competitors. Won’t bend or break. Unique fiber infused material for strength. 
  • The Body Back Buddy is built with a unique blend of polypropylene and glass. This provides rigidity while still allowing flex.

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Cane

Cost                       $29.95 


 Where To               Buy,    amazon       


Guarantee              30 days money back            

Current  Ratings        4.5/5 stars on Amazon,   6951 total ratings  






Youtube video here


Directions on Use From The Manufacturer  


Place the therapy knob on the sore muscle and apply a comfortable amount of pressure. When this muscle compression is released it stimulates a therapeutic response.Figure out your own tolerance level and go with what works for you– deep and intense or gentle and relaxing. Apply as much pressure as you can tolerate for up to 30 seconds at a time. More pressure than you can comfortably tolerate and longer than 30 second intervals are NOT recommended.

For the best pain relief, return to the treated area three to four times each session.

“To treat trigger points apply sustained pressure for a period long enough to release the muscle spasm, about 10-30 seconds to deactivate it, release and relax the muscle. This increases blood flow to the muscle normalizing it and bringing it back to a healthy state.”




  • You can self treat your tight muscles and decrease pain and stiffness

  • Inexpensive self massaging tool, and could save money on doctor visits or help you self treat at home for mild-moderate muscle tightness. 

  • More self massage knobs than competitor products for the shoulders back and neck. Versatility and flexibility to help reduce pain.

  • Has both pointed self massage knobs and rounded knobs. Again, most of the competitor canes do not have a pointed knob and it is very effective at alleviating pain and targeting trigger points.

  • Lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive way to reduce muscle tension. A tool that you can use while your on the phone at work, watching tv or relaxing with your family. 

  • The S-hook or cane design with self massaging knobs is very creative and ergonomic. It allows you to reach many trigger points and muscles in both the upper and lower body. 

  • It is well made and fairly sturdy. The manufacturer boasts of a new Long Fiber Infused Material that makes it stronger than competitor products. It does have some flex to it when you pull hard on the cane but remains fairly rigid and strong. 

  • Check out this helpful youtube video that I made on stretching for chronic back pain sufferers:

Click here :



  • Can break if you pull too hard on it. I have broken 2 canes. One was a Body Back Buddy and the other was some random brand on amazon. Grant it, I was probably pulling too hard on stubborn stiff muscles, and the manufacturer does recommend not applying more pressure than you are comfortable with. But, what exactly is “too much pressure”? The manufacturer does claim to have unique fiber infused material that makes it 30% stronger than the competition and claims it won’t break. It broke. I broke it. It snapped like a tree branch and honestly I didnt think I was pulling hard enough to break it. 
  • Grip could be better. This tool Can get slippery in your hands which affects the amount and duration of pressure you can apply. In my opinion they should make a grip someplace on the cane like a bike handle or at least something not made of smooth slippery plastic.
  • Your arms and hands get tired of pulling on the cane. Caning is a bit of an active sport. Visions of sitting comfortably on the couch while you hold a cane that magically takes away all your pain aint going to happen. At least not for me. You will need to work at it and take breaks. Of course if you want somebody else to do the work you can pay a massage therapist $80 -$125/hr but that defeats the purpose of this invention. It is a bit of work but worth the effort. The neck and shoulders are not quite as much effort but since the back is a bit harder to get to and involves mostly larger muscle groups it can wear on your arms and wrists after repeated use.
  • May not eliminate stubborn or more serious muscle knots or spasms. As I write this review my QL muscle has tightened up as it does once or twice a year, this time from too much heavy rock work around the yard. 

After multiple caning sessions per day and four days  I feel a bit looser in my low back. But it’s a tight knot and may take some time to release. This cane was not a cure all easy fix for this and other spasm that I’ve had like it. 

So, In my experience with this product over a couple years, it’s not a one time fix for deep stubborn muscle knots or trigger points. Nothing against the product, it just sometimes takes more time and other treatment approaches to work your way out of tough muscle tightness. On the flip side, if I have sat too much or just feel stiff and sore after a long day, it almost always helps to alleviate stiffness when I apply the cane for a few minutes while relaxing or watching tv in the evenings. 

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Comparative products

self massage canes

Thera Cane     $29.95

5/5 star reviews      3137 reviews, Amazon Choice

24x 15” 

6 Therapy points,  

Made in USA 

I’ve used it. It works well and is made well. 


Back Pain Wise Watchdog on Manufacturer Claims


CLAIM“Up to 30% stronger than competitors. Won’t bend or break. Unique fiber infused material for strength.”    

DISPUTE – I broke one. Actually two. It snapped in half. And there are no studies mentioned on the website that I could find to back up this claim. I call Bull Snooky on this claim. 

CLAIM- Achieve fast, simple relief for your whole body.”  

  MOSTLY YES- Real tight muscle knots may require prolonged use and or other kinds of treatments. When I get a deep QL pull, it does not seem to work very well and even makes it worse. 

CLAIM- Self treat trigger points and eliminate muscle tightness in between doctor visits. 

  YES-  It does provide relief. It is an amazing invention and very well designed. It can give you muscle tension relief at an inexpensive cost, right from home. 


Why Trust Us ? 


The owner of Back Pain Wise, Terry Ouimet has lived with chronic DDD low back pain for over 22 years. Having avoided major surgery thus far, he attributes his ability to remain active outdoors in the mountains of Colorado to self care back treatments including products like this.

 He has used the Body Back Buddy and the Theracane for over 2-3 years at home and in the office. 

Terry has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a former professional ice hockey player. 




Is this a product you should buy if you have chronic low back pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)?  


The Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager works very well for its intended purpose; to target trigger points with muscle knots and tightness easily and inexpensively. 

While there could be room for improvement in my humble opinion, it is a brilliant idea and ergonomically engineered to reach trigger points in many areas of the body. It is well made with many satisfied customers and a long term track record of use on the market.

I would recommend this product as another tool in your home self back care therapy approach. 

Take care and see you out on the trail ! 




Have you used this product or do you have other therapeutic suggestions or ideas for chronic low back pain DDD sufferers ? 

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